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About the Artist

Born in Rosario, Argentina, Andrea Baetti graduated from the University of Rosario with a degree in Architecture. After moving to the United States and working as an architect, studying French and Photography, she started to pursue her studies in the visual arts. She has studied under the direction of Chery Baird, Paul Light Jr, Cecil Touchon, Steve Aimone among others.

She is a member of the Atlanta Collage Society. Andrea worked as a core artist with Louis Delsarte on the completion of the 25 panels for the Martin Luther King Jr. Mural “Dreams, Visions and Change“ that has been on display at the MLK Center in Atlanta, Ga.


Each of Andrea’s Works is original and unique, inspired by her passion for architecture, nature and traveling. She loves to work in mixed media, acrylics, collage, graphite and ink, allowing her to create layers of discovering in her work.

Artist Statement

Influenced by my training as an architect, my love of color and textures and my observation of the environment that surround us I immerse myself in a challenging adventure each time I confront a white canvas.

Abstract painting allows me to express my inner self. My journey is in continuous evolution. Each piece is an exploration, an expression of the moment, that starts with conscious or unconscious marks.

It continues with layers of paint that respond to a dialogue that have formed between the piece and myself. Color, texture, and found materials add a distinct individuality to my paintings and collages.

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