View  selected works from Andrea's portfolio arranged by the year the artwork was created
New work     

2010                                                       2009
On paper 12x12       On paper 12x12              On paper 8x10         On paper 8x10
On canvas 24x30                      On canvas 12x36 
Enchanted woods                                                    
Take out wine conversation - 
3rd place  
ART Station Stone Mountain


On canvas 12x36    On canvas 12x36
Yellow Santa Fe      Blue Taos

Red Sedona
Acrylics on canvas 30x40
Collages  on wood board
2010 - Acrylics on paper 22x30

Acrylics on canvas 24x24 - first part
Collages on wood board 8x8
Caffeine series I

 Caffeine serie of collages with coffee dyed papers, cork and South American shells.
                     Donation Athena Warehouse
                               foundraising 2013 

3rd Place - Digital Arts Studio Exhibition
​"Beautiful use of varied texture and materials, harmonious use of color and interesting yet balanced division of space. 

Pat Fiorello, Show Judge and Instructor

Acrylics on canvas 
      Recycles on canvas 6x9

2016 Working on black and white
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